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This site is about keeping track of a Honda Win 110. In december 2013 I bought the bike in Hanoi/Vietnam from a couple who travelled on the bike together. Anyway, while I was making my way south I was thinking, how often has this bike been up and down between Hanoi en HCM, how often had the bike broken down, been in an (near) accident etc. etc. What a lot of stories the bike would be able to tell. So that's when I decided the bike needed a blog, desperately! So I created this site and gave away the bike to a fellow traveler, under 3 conditions:


  1. the owner must under all circumstances keep the bike running, tip-top

  2. once the owner reaches his final destination in Vietnam, he has to give the bike away to another fellow traveller (preferably in a better shape than in which is was received

  3. He or she must then share his/her story on this blog so the whole world (and especially the previous owners) can keep track of it's adventures


So the bets are on, how often is this bike going to make it between HCM and Hanoi? How often is it going to switch owner? How much money is going to be invested over time to keep the project rolling?




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The current proud owner
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